Still aglow from a wonderful exhibition and gathering

May 29th, 2009

Death of the Innocent exhibition at Studio and Stacks

I simply have to say thank you again to everyone for making my exhibition “Death of the Innocent” (the Ildiko paintings) such a wonderful and rewarding gathering. Above is one of my favourite pictures from that day. The Studio and Stacks were abuzz for two days with all the lovely and attentive visitors.

Here are some comments that attendees have kindly consented to let me post here:

Your show was wonderful Margie. I hope it was a great success and that your beautiful work is seen far and wide. I have so many lovely memories in that studio … thank you!
- Cynthia Long

The afternoon we spent with you, Brian, your dear children and your art made me feel a privileged part of the road you have taken. Wishing you the joy of art forever.
- Joan Dubros

I so enjoy getting comments on my works, and debating and discussing them with all of you. Even if you are not able to join me at my exhibitions, I hope over time to let everyone engage with my work here on this blog. If you want to comment at any time, you are welcome to email me or use the comment feature here on this blog, at the bottom of every entry.

“Death of the Innocent” – a perfect Vernissage!

May 12th, 2009

Thank you all for making my exhibition “Death of the Innocent” (the Ildiko paintings) one of the best I have ever had. Lots of viewers, friends and returning clients making much joyful noise and making connections with others. Thank you!  A perfect Vernissage!

In addition to all of this, you the viewer completes the process for the work. The artist, the subject, the canvas and paint creates an image  but it needs you the viewer to make the final link, seeing the work and experience through your life psychology and experience. It is here that the touching of hearts happens.

Once again, thank you for coming out to join us.

Exhibition: Ildiko: Drummer, Singer and Dancer (May 2-3, 2009)

April 14th, 2009

Detail of Death of the Innocent, by Margie Hunter Hoffman

Detail from “Death of the Innocent” – 60″ x 60″ Acrylic on Canvas

M. Hunter Hoffman presents an art exhibition

Ildiko: Drummer, Singer and Dancer
Guest Sculptor: Farhad Nargol-O’Neill
Guest Painter: Paula Forde

The Studio and Stacks Gallery
Saturday, May 2, 2009 – Sunday, May 3, 2009
10:30 am – 5:00 pm
80 Old Colony Rd., Toronto M2L 2K2
4 stops north of York Mills, 4 streets south of 401 (off  Bayview), east side
Click here for map.


Here is Ildiko
Singing, dancing, drumming and chanting
Here she is, young, vibrant, body beautiful, rosy health
Shining hair adorning, feet afloat
Hips and arms flowing in the warm sunshine of my studio

And now
Here is Ildiko
Still shining bright
So large in life,
Transforming  in death
To glowing light
Remaining, for all to see

Click here for the story behind the work.