Curatorial Remarks

Detail from Brigit the Fire Extinguished

“M Hunter Hoffman’s monumental images of the Irish Goddess/Saint Brigit provide a powerful parallel discourse to the official imagery of the Catholic church.”

The Canonization of Brigit
“The work is all gravitas and weight and has the feel of a menhir, a Neolithic standing stone – silent but completely self contained.”

“Hunter Hoffman’s three-panel mixed media work, Post Modern Mothers, tears to bits the traditional notion of the essential experience of motherhood.”
J V Gordon. Curator, Artist and Educator on “Reinventing Eve Part -Three”


“Hunter Hoffman’s work is about paint as a means of communicating her conscious and unconscious insights about her world.”

The Belfast Boy

“The painter constructs the images out of a familiarity with a range painterly styles: portraiture, still life, landscape, dreamscape, the self and paint itself.”

“Underlying her manipulations of image and meaning is an intense desire to speak of lives that are lived actively and relatively, inwardly and outwardly.”
Michele White, Curator, Artist and Educator, Toronto on “Life Stories”